Moment of Asiana Airlines Crash Landing Shown in Frightening New Footage (VIDEO)

asiana airlines crash san franciscoWe were all horrified at the news of the Asiana Airlines crash landing at the San Francisco Airport. I was sad to hear that two teenage girls died in the crash. Today video of that crash landing surfaced, and now I'm amazed the injuries weren't worse. Watching this plane crash made my stomach lurch. I don't even know if we should be watching it -- two people died as a result of this crash, remember.


At least the video was taken from a great distance. You don't see any of the injuries, thank goodness. You just see the plane coming in for a landing. The nose seems to be tipping up strangely, and the plane lands partly on its tail. There's that sickening tip as one wing flies straight up and the plane bounces on its own nose. Then there are the explosions and all that smoke. What's happening inside is left to your imagination, if you dare go there. I don't think I can.

You'll hear the videographer's wife's voice in the background -- she sounds eerily excited that her husband captured the crash. I hope I'm misinterpreting that thrill in her voice. Her husband says she was upset over the crash. I don't know that "And you caught it on camera!" would be the first thing I'd say if I were witnessing this. But then, when you see something you cannot believe, you say all kinds of crazy things.

At least we know how this horror flick ends. Like I said, I can't believe it wasn't any worse. I can't believe people walked away from this. I remember reading tweets this weekend right after the crash -- survivors saying they thought everyone was okay, that they didn't think there were any fatalities. Based on their reports, I didn't expect to see anything this dramatic.

Now reports are pointing to pilot error as the cause of Flight 214. Apparently the pilot had only 43 hours' experience flying a 777 plane. But we'll have to wait for the full report to find out what exactly went wrong -- and that could take weeks.

Are you surprised the crash landing was this scary?


Image via CNN

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