Ariel Castro's Outrageous Request for One of His Victims Will Sicken You

Ariel CastroAriel Castro, accused of holding three women hostage for a decade in a house of horrors, may be one of the more depraved men on Earth. But he's apparently also one of the most self-entitled. If the charges against him are proven true, then he cares about absolutely no one except himself -- so I guess his latest request shouldn't be too much of a surprise. Yet somehow it still shocks in its self-consuming self-focused memememe-ness.

Ariel Castro asked the judge in his case to be able to see his daughter, 6-year-old Jocelyn. The daughter that Amanda Berry had against her will. Because he allegedly kidnapped her and tortured and raped her. Now he wants to visit the child he didn't enroll in school or feed healthy meals or even allow outside very much. The one he allegedly forced Amanda, her mother, to have in a plastic kiddie pool with no medical help. Yeah, that daughter.


The judge denied Castro's request, saying, "I just think that would be inappropriate."

Ya think?!

As if Berry hasn't been through enough, to take away her daughter, even for a moment, and force her to see the beast who allegedly put them all through sheer hell for a decade? Sounds like a shitty idea, Castro. Glad the judge agrees.

Castro does not seem to yet understand reality. He can't yet seem to comprehend that his reign is over. That he is no longer Lord of his domain -- like he was in that house in Cleveland, where he allegedly kept the three women chained up day and night, with pulleys to yank them up off the floor and keep them hanging. Where he allegedly beat them if they tried to escape. Where he allegedly kicked one of the women until she had a miscarriage. Where he stole their youth.

He thinks he can make a request that will make HIM happy -- and have it fulfilled! Hey, why not? He had three women's lives at his whim for a decade. He is accustomed to getting his way. But no more.

Castro may have cared about Jocelyn in his depraved fashion -- for that is the only way he knows how to care -- but that is the type of caring that child does not need. She may miss him, because he is still her daddy, and according to reports, she was treated decently -- and she knew nothing else. Neighbor Charles Ramsey said that when he first helped Amanda out of the house, she grabbed her daughter, who was crying for her "daddy."

What that child will go through when the truth begins to attack her young mind is inconceivable. When she is an adult she can decide if she wants to see him -- presumably in prison. But she will know the horror her mother went through, and she will have to struggle with that her whole life. Her mother reportedly still has nightmares every night about Castro. About "daddy."

No, Castro. You don't get to see your daughter. You don't get to manipulate her anymore. You'll get your day in court and that is more than enough privileges for you.

Do you think Ariel should get to see Jocelyn?


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