Teen Faces Child Pornography Charges for Taking Racy Photo of Herself

teenIf you are enraged by just the thought of child pornography, you are not alone. That someone would exploit a minor is beyond sickening. I am sure many would agree, if an adult took a pornographic photo of a teen, he or she deserves the harshest of sentences. But would you think the same thing if a teen took an explicit photo of herself? Is it still a crime? Apparently so.


A 15-year-old Florida girl was arrested on a felony child pornography charge after she allegedly showed classmates an iPhone photo of her and another student having oral sex. A charge she admitted to, according to the police report.

What she had done came to light after a school employee seized the phone during class. In the investigation that followed, five witnesses said they had been shown the image. It's a serious charge, indeed. And the fact that she took the photo herself hasn't softened the severity of the crime as far as the police are concerned. If found guilty, this girl could be in serious trouble and possibly end up behind bars.

But because she took the image herself, many people are wondering if this is really fair? It's a tough question, namely because there was another kid involved. But perhaps it's necessary to throw the book at her to teach an invaluable lesson. Kids are so careless with images they pass around. This is not okay behavior. That said, I still don't think she should get jail time or be permanently labeled as a sex offender. Unfortunately, her own attitude about the issue hasn't earned her much sympathy. After her phone was taken, she tweeted a friend the following: "the school took my phone, long story and im in Ireland lmaoooooo." (Insert eye-roll emoticon here)

Do you think charging this teen is fair? Should she go to jail?


Image via D. Sharon Pruitt/Flickr

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