Dylan Redwine’s Parents Are in All-Out War Over Their Son’s Murder (VIDEO)

Elaine Redwine was devastated after the disappearance of her 13-year-old son Dylan, who went missing during a visit with his father, with whom Elaine shared custody after a divorce. Her worst fears were confirmed when Dylan's remains were found 10 miles from his father Mark Redwine's home.

Elaine has made it clear that she felt Mark had something to do with Dylan's death, and Mark vociferously denied it. Both parents went on Dr. Phil to bring attention to the case -- and to argue. I can only imagine the devastation and pain that must overcome a family when something like this happens, and it's understandable that Elaine is lashing out and blaming, perhaps with good reason. After all, before Dylan was even killed, Elaine had filed for divorce from Mark and called him a "threat" to the family's safety. Dylan's visit with his father was ordered by the court.


Elaine revealed how she sent her son off to visit his father Vallecito, Colorado, for Thanksgiving. The last time she saw the blue-eyed boy was at the airport. She told 9News:

I said, "Oh don't be such a man! Give your mom a hug." And he gave me a big ol' hug and I told him I loved him.

All moms can relate to that feeling of sending your child off -- whether it is to visit relatives, a friend across the street, or just to school -- and your heart dying just a little, but your mind dismissing your worst paranoia and insisting that your child will be fine, which happens the vast majority of the time. Unfortunately, however, Elaine was forced to confront every parent's nightmare: Dylan's disappearance. And then his tragic death. She says:

I'm still angry that he didn't come back in one piece. And you know, I sent him there. I sent him here. And I no way thought he would never come back to us ... The fact that his bones were spread. The fact that wildlife got to him. Whoever did this is just a monster. To not do something proper. He deserved so much more than to just have his remains eaten by wildlife.

Ugh, absolutely the worst thing a mother can ever go through. And to even suspect in the slightest that the man who fathered your child might have been behind it? Mark has not been named a suspect but Elaine sure suspects him, even going so far as to call him a "murderer," according to Mark. Police have dismissed the notion that Dylan might have gone for a walk and was killed by animals -- even though animals later spread his remains. And Mark reportedly failed a polygraph (I personally don't believe in polygraphs, but that's another story!). But in a recent interview, Elaine said, "Whoever did this is a monster" and didn't name her ex-husband.

But Mark believes that Dylan must have been going somewhere and was abducted. However, at one point, he reportedly told a news outlet that he believed his ex-wife "had some involvement" in the case.

Dylan's parents have not had a good relationship, and Mark says that Dylan "struggled" with that. Now the two are in the ultimate struggle. How tragic for everyone -- especially Dylan. But justice will be served eventually.

What do you think happened?

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