Suspect Who Beat Mom In Front of Toddler Is Arrested Thanks to Nanny Cam (VIDEO)

People were horrified when a New Jersey woman took a beating in front of her 3-year-old daughter in her own home after an invader broke in and began hitting her and stealing her things. The mom was determined not to scream as the man punched and kicked her so she wouldn't alarm her daughter, who sat on the couch watching the entire horror show. The brazen daylight attack was all caught on nanny cam. Thankfully, the suspect in the sickening assault has been arrested. Shawn Custis was reportedly hiding out at his girlfriend's house in Manhattan, and she was arrested too.


Custis has a long criminal history of burglaries and in fact had just been released from prison in December. Talk about not getting your life together. Police were able to identify the man from the nanny cam images that showed his whole sickening assault.

The woman had been sitting watching cartoons with her 3-year-old daughter -- her 1-year-old son upstairs sleeping -- when the man kicked down the door to her Millburn home, which apparently was dead bolted. Cops believe he thought the house to be empty since the shades were drawn and there was no car in the driveway. He is known to have a history of burglaries in that area.

Instead of leaving when he found a mom home alone with her children, he began viciously beating her and stealing whatever he could get his hands on, including her wedding ring.

The released footage terrified the community, which had now formed a watch group. News of the man's arrest was welcomed in town. Says a neighbor:

This whole block, you could just hear a collective sigh of relief when the news started breaking that they got this guy.

Not entirely surprising to hear that the beast had a girlfriend and that he was hiding out with her. Some women have no boundaries when it comes to the awful men they will get involved with. The woman's daughter, who knew the man, appeared to be crying as she told reporters about his attack on the mom:

I'm a wife, I'm a mother, and I'm a woman before anything and I don't approve of that.

Hopefully this creep won't see the outside of prison walls again until he's too old to beat anyone up.

Are you glad to hear this guy was caught?

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