12-Year-Old Shoots Younger Brother & Then Himself (VIDEO)

It seems like every other day we hear about a tragedy involving a child and a gun. This one is a double tragedy. A 12-year-old boy was reportedly found shot -- along with his 9-year-old brother. But this wasn't a case of someone murdering the two of them, which would have been terrible enough. Instead, police and the coroner say that 12-year-old Austin Wiseman shot his younger brother, then shot himself. Both were found dead in their grandparents' home. And now everyone is left asking, How? Why?


Austin and his younger brother, Blake Campbell, were reportedly found with one shot each to the head. They were found in an upstairs bedroom of the home they lived in with their grandparents, who weren't home at the time. Reportedly, however, they had spoken with the boys an hour before their deaths.

Police believe that Austin killed his younger brother and then turned the gun on himself. Was this a deliberate murder suicide? Was it an accident and then the child was overwhelmed and killed himself? Police fear they will never know. Apparently the boys had no mental health issues, but it's unclear why they were living with their grandparents. Where were their parents? Was the older boy suffering from emotional issues related to whatever happened that left him and his brother in the care of his grandparents? The grandparents were described by a friend as "very loving."

And then, how did he get a gun? A .44-caliber handgun was found at the scene. Why would a gun be accessible to two young kids? Or did the older boy get it out of a locked cabinet? Too many people who have guns do not practice gun safety. Children and guns should never be able to get at each other.

Unfortunately, this is one tragedy that not only could have been prevented -- but that might forever remain a haunting mystery.

What do you think happened?


Image via WSAZ

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