65-Year-Old Former Marine Tackles Bank Robber Twice His Size & Prevents Incredible Tragedy

marine flagCocoa, Florida sounds like such a lovely place, but earlier this week, it was home to more than just blazing temperatures and melted candy bars. On Monday afternoon, a man wearing a hard hat and a dust mask entered a Wells Fargo bank, pulled a gun on the teller, and demanded cash. Little did the robber know that former Marine and ex-Miami cop Eugene Storley was in the house, and he wasn't letting anyone get away with anything. The 65-year-old Marine tackled the bank robber before anyone could say boo.


Storley told Florida Today that when he saw what was about to happen, his first reaction was "You gotta be kidding me."

Perhaps exasperated by his need to save lives, the 5'7" Storley tackled the 6'3" robber and knocked his gun out of his hand. The perp then fled the bank, but cops caught up with him a few blocks later and made the arrest.

Storley describes himself as "pretty well trained", which seems like a modest understatement if ever there was one. At 65, some men have trouble walking upstairs or getting into their low-riding convertibles, but Storley? The guy's still jacked enough and still fast on his feet enough to, you know, THWART A BANK ROBBERY.

The hero Marine told Fox 35 that he felt he had to protect the public, even saying he was prepared for the possibility that he may get shot.

The good news is no one was hurt and 43-year-old Edward Sotelo has been arrested. The bad news is that, among other things, Sotelo was charged with "battery of an elderly person".

Sixty-five? Elderly? I bet Storley would beg to differ.

Pretty amazing, right?


Photo via digital magic photography/Flickr

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