Murderer Found Running Kids' Camp 20 Years After Killing Her Own Child

murderer arrestedParents who sent their children to a summer kids' camp in North Carolina got the shock of their lives recently. The woman who runs Kiddie Kollege Summer Camp is a murderer who killed her own child. Her assistant? Well, she killed her husband a few years ago.

There are murderers (murderesses?) running a kids' summer camp! And no one told the parents!

Doris Bullock and Deidra Gary both go by new names now, names that wouldn't immediately show they're convicted felons who served time in prison. But the discovery of their bloody pasts by parents is opening up a whole new debate on what it means to have "served your time" for crimes this serious. 


According to ABC News, Bullock used to go by the name Doris Braswell back in 1981, when she was convicted of second degree murder in the death of her infant. A look at the North Carolina Department of Corrections register shows she served in a medium security prison before being paroled. That parole has since been terminated.

Technically, Braswell/Bullock is a free woman. Free to serve as Dean of Students and Residential Life at Saint Augustine's College (sponsors of the kids' camp), which is her title according to LinkedIn.

She killed her child.

Now she works with children -- both teenagers and young kids who attend the college's summer camp.

Then there's Diedra Gary who used to go by the name Deidra Lane. She was convicted of manslaughter for killing her husband, NFL star Fred Lane, in 2003, and she served in prison until 2009.

Now she works with kids at a summer camp.

As a mother, I'm troubled by the idea of a convicted felon being around my child, troubled that parents say they were never told ... even though the school admits they knew of their employees' pasts.

And yet, what can we say? These women served their time. They're no longer considered "threats" to society. No doubt that means extenuating circumstances of their crimes were taken into account (at least one account claims Gary had filed domestic abuse complaints against her husband).

Who are we to say they shouldn't be able to live normal lives today? Who are we to say they aren't "safe"?

It's the very definition of a catch-22.

And yet, Bullock's story is especially troubling. She killed a child. Her child. There's little forgiveness for a crime so heinous, at least not in the eyes of society (things are different in the courts, where emotions aren't supposed to be considered).

She may have served her time, the courts may think she's rehabilitated, but parents still have the right to keep their kids from her. And I don't blame them!

Do you think these women should be allowed to have the jobs they have now?


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