Man Murders Wife by Disabling Airbag & Crashing at Top Speed Into a Tree

man murders wifeIn a horrifying story out of England, a man who was going through a difficult and acrimonious divorce decided to kill his wife by disabling the airbag in his car, driving at top speed, and crashing into a tree. He assumed the "brace" position soon after unhooking his wife's seat belt, which gave her almost no chance of survival. Can you even imagine the cruelty?

Iain Lawrence, 53, an ex-pilot, walked away with just a few bruises from the crash that left his 47-year-old wife dead on impact. He was convicted yesterday of the crime. It was a brutal way to kill someone, one that was calculated, mulled over, and clearly considered superior as it had less of a chance of being caught.

What a despicable man. According to some of the wife's friends, she had said in the past that she feared her "quiet" husband of 12 years and that he might try to kill her. But the brutality is shocking.


What is perhaps most chilling about this murder is the calculation. Someone who was stupid and in the heat of the moment wouldn't take the time to plot and plan such a crime. Even worse, he seemed unconcerned about the OTHER possibilities.

Let's face it, a car accident isn't always a death sentence. It could have been even more painful and lingering. She could have been permanently disfigured in the face. She could have been paralyzed by breaking her neck and never walked again. She could have had brain damage that didn't cause death and been put in a permanent vegetative state. You have to REALLY hate someone to do something like this to them.

It's no wonder the poor woman wanted to leave this man, and now the biggest question is how he managed to get her into his car. That part is unclear.

What is clear is that her final moments were likely spent in absolute terror. I hope he pays for what he did for years to come. The cruelty of this act is truly unimaginable.

Can you believe someone would really murder another person this way?


Image via David DeHetre/Flickr

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