New Clues in Iowa Cousins' Murders Could Be a Last Shot at Justice

Missing Iowa cousinsNext month marks a year since missing Iowa cousins Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins disappeared while on a bike ride. The girls' bodies were discovered back in December. Now the latest and possibly only remaining chance of finding these children's killer lies with people's memories.

Can people in Evansdale, Iowa go back a year to July 13, 2012? Can they identify the driver of a white, older model SUV similar to a Chevy Suburban or Ford Bronco seen near where the girls were riding their bikes?


You don't have to be in law enforcement to know the chances are slim. Time is not on their side. People's memories are fickle.

If the driver of the white SUV was friendly, in all likelihood, he would have come forward by now with information. If he's somehow tied up in the crime, well, it's been a year and he's been able to stay hidden ... he's going to want to keep it that way.

For the sakes of Elizabeth's and Lyric's families, I'd like to think this lead will lead to something, but who knows.

The real news here is that a year later, police haven't given up on these kids.

I want to commend the police in Evansdale for working a new lead, for getting out there and shaking the trees. These girls are dead; there's no chance of saving them now. The case is nearly a year cold.

BUT they still have families who loved them. They still deserve justice.

And these cops are fighting for Lyric and Elizabeth. While their ongoing fight for justice may technically just be for these two girls, in no small way they also send a message to the parents of missing kids everywhere that other people do care about their children, that the good guys do want justice, that people don't just give up because time has passed. 

In the end, time may not be on their side, but good guys are the best hope for kids like Lyric and Elizabeth.

Do you think cases like this are worth pursuing a year later?


Image via National Center for Missing & Exploited Children


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