Missing Toddler Elaina Steinfurth's Fate May Be Explained by Horrifying Confession

missing girl Elaina SteinfurthHow much stock do you put in jailhouse confessions? If you're a believer, then things are not looking good for missing toddler Elaina Steinfurth. A grand jury today added a charge of obstructing justice to the already pending charge of endangering the welfare of a child against her mom, Angela Mories Steinfurth.

And that's not the worst of it. Elaina's mom's fellow inmate at Lucas County Jail says the mother of two had a tragic tale to tell in prison.


A woman named Connie Elam claims Mories told her that little Elaina was thrown against a wall on the day she went missing. That would be consistent with the injuries a neighbor reported the little girl had, and explain why the mom is being charged with child endangerment for not seeking treatment for the 18-month-old's injuries.

But Elam's other claim is even more serious. The inmate says the little girl died and was thrown into the Maumee River by Mories and boyfriend Steven King.

The allegations are serious and seriously disturbing.

So how do we take them?

With a grain of salt, of course. There's no word on what Elam is charged with, but if she's in prison, who knows what her angle is ... or what kind of witness she can really be.

But consider this: Mories' stepfather, Richard Schiewe, told the press he believes his granddaughter is dead. Specifically, Schiewe said nearly two weeks ago that he believes Elaina's body will be found ... in the river.

Can that be coincidence?

Especially considering Elaina has been missing since June 2, and no one knows where the little girl is? At least not the police?

Do you believe jailhouse confessions can be real? Or are you always skeptical?


Image via National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

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