Mom Arrested After 2-Day-Old Baby Found Alive in Building's Drain Pipes

newborn footIt's hard to believe that in the span of a month, two newborn babies would be found in drain pipes. But if this latest horrific news story proves to be true, that's exactly the case. Yes, after that disgusting story about parents reportedly flushing their newborn down the toilet, another mother has been arrested on the suspicion that she tried to murder her newborn, after the 2-day-old baby was found in the drain pipes of her building in Spain.

But, shockingly, there is good news to this gut-wrenching tale: The baby is okay. He's in serious, but not life-threatening, condition at the hospital. I honestly don't know how that's possible after hearing about the god-awful circumstances this poor child was in. Truly a miracle in every sense of the word.


According to reports, a neighbor called firefighters after hearing noises come from the drain pipe that sounded like a cat meowing. When authorities showed up, the newborn was found wrapped in plastic bags with his umbilical cord still attached in a pipe that converged into the building's tiny manhole in a courtyard. The baby, who weighed 4.6 pounds, may have been trapped for 40 hours, and after he was rescued, he was found to have a fractured arm, among other injuries, but again, nothing life-threatening. His recovery is hard to believe. Those are beyond heinous circumstances for an adult to deal with, nevertheless a 2-day-old. What a little fighter. What an angel.

The woman in question was reportedly taken to a hospital, where she claimed to have suffered a miscarriage. However, when police arrived to question her, she said that she tried to get rid of the baby, but didn't have enough money for an abortion. An investigation is underway to determine whether the woman acted alone or had outside help in putting the child in the building's drains.

Hopefully, this case will be cracked soon, and whoever was involved with this atrocious act will be forced to pay to the highest degree. But for now, let's focus on the silver lining of this stomach-turning story: This little boy is living proof that miracles do exist. Thank goodness he's okay.

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Image via Chris_Parfitt/Flickr

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