Betrayed Wife Filmed Throwing Husband's Mistress Off a Cliff, but Is It Real? (VIDEO)

abandoned roseA Spanish-language news clip out of Peru that's gone viral looks like either the most dramatic, potentially fatal case of cheating hearts played out in front of security cameras or a totally disturbing stunt. In the clip, it looks like a woman catches her husband talking with his alleged mistress and proceeds to throw "the other woman" off of a cliff. Oh, but wait, not before the wimp husband goes running for the hills. HA!

Yes, it's so crazy that you really do need to see it to believe it. And even then, I'm not completely sure you're going to believe it!

Check it out ...


Wild. I'm inclined to think that it's fake, mostly because it resembles a similar "OMG, really?!" viral video of a Brazilian woman bashing her husband's car, and that turned out to be a publicity stunt for a TV show called Revenge. Then again, when scorned, people can lose their damn minds. Maybe that's why so many women go after their man's mistress instead of the man himself!

Because I can't imagine why rationally a betrayed wife would attack the other woman. What if the mistress was being lied to, as well, and had no idea she was with a married or attached guy? And even if she did know, unless she's your BFF, her loyalties aren't to the wife. But the man's sure are!

In other words, if the jilted wife in this clip was gonna throw anyone off the cliff, it should have been her cowardly husband! But I guess -- if tabloids still selling Angelina vs. Jen Aniston stories are any indication -- it's the catfights that really sell. Ugh. Even more proof this was hopefully all for show.

Do you agree women should go after their cheating man before the other woman? Do you think this is real?



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