Amanda Knox Has 'Secret Rendezvous' With Her Former Italian Boyfriend

Amanda KnoxAmanda Knox will never live down the infamy of what happened to her when she studied abroad in Italy, but clearly spending years in prison for a crime she did (or didn't?) commit in a foreign country is not enough. The press and tabloids still hound her, trying to catch glimpses of her here and there and make mountains into molehills.

The latest? Knox has a "secret" rendezvous with Raffaele Sollecito, the Italian boyfriend with whom she is accused of playing the "sex games" that killed Meredith Kercher back in 2007. Whatever happened that night, Knox has been tried and retried in the court of public opinion and the British tabloids will not leave her alone. She is "Foxy Knoxy" forever.


The focus is never on Rudy Guede (the man serving time for the murder who many believe acted along). It is always on Amanda. Why is this and will she ever be able to live a normal life? After reading Waiting to be Heard, I believe in her innocence, but I also believe in her incredible naivete. Still, meeting someone with whom you have been through the worst times in your life out in public in NYC and giving them a long hug, is not shocking. This does not make her seem guilty. If anything, it looks the opposite.

Sollecito is looking for crowd funding for his legal fees on the retrial and it is not clear why the former lovers are meeting again, but it is pretty clear that two people who killed a woman in a "sex game" after only knowing one another for a matter of days and then spent years in prison because of it, would NOT be friends still if they were guilty.

Is that not obvious to anyone else?

These two do not act like people who make nefarious plans and slit young women's throats. They act like the victims they are. And now they have to go back through a trial. Will this ever end ?

This is not a "secret rendezvous." This is two war-weary buddies reuniting after years of battle for yet another fight.

Do you think Amanda Knox is guilty?

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