Woman Killed for Taking a Picture on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

hollywood walk of fame

A 23-year-old woman named Christine Calderon was walking with her co-worker on the Hollywood Walk of Fame when they happened upon a cardboard sign they found amusing. The sign, which apparently contained a plea for money alongside four-letter obscenities and a smiley face, was beside a trio of panhandlers. Calderon took out her phone and snapped a pic of the sign, and when she was done, the three men started badgering her for $1 for taking the photo. When she said no, things turned ugly. The men allegedly attacked Calderon and stabbed her to death. Yes, this poor woman was killed over $1.


To say this is a tragedy is an understatement. A young woman who had her whole life ahead of her was brutally murdered over a stupid dollar. What was a dollar going to do for these men? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And I seriously doubt, in today's age of sharing anything and everything, Christine was the first person ever to take a photo of the men's sign.

There are some truly sick and crazy people out there, and every day, some or all of us probably come in contact with them without even knowing it. I'm sure Christine never in a million years thought that taking a photo of some dumb thing she saw on the street would ever result in anything close to this, but let this serve as a lesson to the rest of the world to be careful what we haphazardly snap photos of, and who we come in contact with. You really never know who you're dealing with.

Thoughts and prayers with Christine's family and friends. What a tragedy.

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Image via Christian Haugen/Flickr

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