Child Molester Posts 11-Year-Old Victim’s Photo Online … WITH His Plans for Her Assault!

handcuffsA friend once told a (rather macabre) joke about child molesters: what's the best kind of pedophile? A dead pedophile. Sick? Yes. True? Well, close. Because a dumb pedophile runs a close second. Like the guy who federal agents say they caught after he posted a series of photos online of an 11-year-old girl now known as the "sunflower" series. He was seeking advice from other child molesters on how best to rape the child.

The sunflower case, as it's called, is disgusting. Despicable. Depraved. And a host of other "d" words.

But can we talk about the good news in all of this? Why Operation Sunflower is being talked about now by federal agents?


This guy's idiocy caught up with him.

The feds got him.

Sunflowers are bright, sunny flowers, and the ending of this nightmare does have some sunlight shining upon it.

They proved that even though searching through the endless sea of child pornography can be completely demoralizing, it IS worth it. Agents say they were able to determine that a road sign spotted outside the window of the car where the young girl was photographed looked like a sunflower. That narrowed things down to Kansas -- where sunflower is the state flower.

From there they were eventually able to get to the place where the 11-year-old girl in the photos was being held, still wearing the pajamas she was photographed in.

She's safe.

The perpetrator pleaded guilty and is now in a juvenile detention facility (turns out he was just 16).

Child pornography is all those "d" words I mentioned above. If just one more image of a child being sexually abused is created, it's one too many.

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

And yet ... there is good news in that something is being done about it, these child molesters are losing in no small part because of their need to document their depraved crimes. They are being caught. Kids are being saved.

Do you feel like there's a way to win this other than counting on the criminals' stupidity?


Image via H. Michael Karshis/Flickr


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