Special Education Teacher Accused of Assaulting 10-Year-Old After Tricking Her Parents

special ed teacherA special education teacher in the Bronx is accused of tricking a 10-year-old girl's parents into letting him take her to an "awards ceremony" where she was to be honored. There was no ceremony. Instead, authorities say the trusted teacher raped the girl.

If this is true, special education teacher Anthony Criscuolo, planned this for weeks, having even sent her parents a letter "informing" them of the upcoming ceremony. Though it is unclear how they found out about what actually happened, what is clear is that this man was around kids for more than 10 years as a substitute and then permanent teacher and he betrayed the trust of these parents in the most egregious way.

It's just a horrifying story any way you look at it, but perhaps the saddest part is the way the accused preyed on this family. He took something that should have been a proud moment and he made it awful.


This man has been around kids for a decade. Though he had only been at this school for two years, he had been working with specials needs children for more than 10 in various capacities. The school department says this is the only accusation against him for now, so one has to wonder how a man goes this long working with kids and waits until now to do something like this.

It makes me wonder if people are ticking time bombs, thinking of doing things, plotting for years, before they actually do them. Does that mean a person who is a stand up citizen whom I would trust with my deepest secrets could also betray me this way? One has to wonder.

My heart is broken for this little girl and for her parents who placed their trust in this man. She is so young and so trusting and her parents would have had no reason NOT to trust a teacher who had been working with kids for so long.

This story is just so wrong all around.

Do you trust teachers to take kids on trips like this?



Image via Antonio Zugaldia /Flickr

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