Teen Arrested for Killing 5-Year-Old Sister While 'Wrestling' With Her

Kids do love to rough house -- I certainly remember my share of "fights" when I was a kid that I thought were great fun but that could have easily turned injurious (and, in fact, did on occasion). But could a 13-year-old boy really not realize that by using his body-slamming "wrestling" moves, he was he was killing his 5-year-old half-sister? Devalon Armstrong, 13, has been charged with second-degree murder after his wrestling session with 5-year-old Viloude Louis ended up with internal injuries that resulted in her tragic death.


Devalon and Viloude were apparently wrestling on a bed -- and he was using some moves he claimed he learned on TV. He reportedly slammed her into the bed repeatedly, punched her in the stomach, jumped on her back, and elbow-dropped her.

Awhile later, Viloude said she wasn't feeling well and went to go brush her teeth. A half an hour later, her half-brother found her in pain on the floor. He brought her downstairs and called 911. But it was too late.

So, yeah, I have the same questions I'm sure you do: Like where were the parents? Well, apparently they'd let Devalon babysit while they went to the store. I'm of the mind that a 13-year-old is old enough to babysit (I did plenty of it) -- but not ALL 13-year-olds. However, I can understand if they needed to quickly zip to the store and left Devalon in charge, especially if he had no history of anything violent with his sister.

Was this malicious or truly a kid who got too rambunctious? At 13, you would think that he would be old enough to know if he was hurting his sister; however, reports say that she had no external injuries -- only a small bruise. But the broken ribs she suffered would have been painful -- and the police say that Devalon's sister told him he was hurting her. But he reportedly continued his wrestling moves for minutes after that.

A psychiatrist is evaluating whether Devalon is mentally competent to participate in his own defense. That could be because he's so young -- it could also be because he doesn't have the mental or emotional capabilities of most teens. Perhaps he's developmentally disabled.

Or ... he could be a cold-blooded, violent little sociopath. This is unfortunately one of those horrible tragedies that contains a lot of gray area. Only Devalon truly knows what he was trying to do.

What a horrible time this must be for adorable Viloude's parents.

Do you think he did this on purpose or it was a tragic accident?

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