41 Child Sex Crime Suspects Arrested in Massive Sting That Makes Our Skin Crawl

Polk County arrests 41A massive arrest in Polk County, Florida -- the biggest of its kind -- nabbed 41 adults (40 men and 1 woman) on various child sex crimes. While the arrest is obviously great news in terms of the victimization of children, the details are extremely disheartening.

In the end, 41 people traveled from all over the country to take part in what they thought was going to be sex with underage girls and boys. Sick, sick, sick. And while the sting is great news and 41 pedophiles are off the street, the reality is we don't have enough jail cells to contain all the perverted people and this stuff just keeps on happening.

Sure, 41 are off the street, but how many more are there?


This group included a football coach, theme park employees, and many more. This means that some of these people worked with and around children as part of their career. Many of them were married and probably appeared "normal."

These are the kinds of stories that make you question the people you know. These people probably seemed like stand-up citizens -- an accountant, a tax preparer, an insurance salesman. And yet there they were, attempting to exploit and hurt minors.

We can all pretend like this is a great thing and, in many ways, it is. These people are off the streets and hooray! We are doing things to protect children. But this problem is so much bigger than us. The root of pedophilia is still not being explored. We are catching the overflow, but not stopping the leak.

Maybe it's impossible. Maybe there will always be sick people in any society, and maybe the best we can do is arrest and punish them. But it seems like we should be doing something more.

It just keeps happening again and again and again and punishment clearly doesn't stop it.

What do you think can be done about pedophilia?


Image via Polk County

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