Woman Fakes Her Own Kidnapping to Cover Up a Shameful Secret (VIDEO)

faked kidnappingYou know you have a substance abuse problem when it comes to this. A woman named Maria Brayfield faked her own kidnapping because she was "intoxicated with fear" over being arrested for driving under the influence. Everyone, all together now: FACEPALM. She went through a lot of trouble, too. She was found inside the trunk of her car on the side of the road. How do you even come up with such an idea?

Seriously, what kind of person on the verge of getting pulled over for a DUI thinks, I know! I'll pretend I was kidnapped and then they'll be too distracted hunting down my assailants that they'll forget all about giving me a breathalyzer test. YES. I! Am! Brilliant! This plan is SO going to work. All I have to do is get into the trunk. This is my best get-out-of-jail-free idea evahrrr.


It gets weirder, because it's not like Brayfield was pulled over by the police one night and then quickly jumped into the trunk. She was driving alone, pulled over, got into the trunk, and was later found by two men who saw her car. It was premeditated self-kidnapping, which sounds paranoid. Paranoia, creative thinking ... you know what? I don't think she was drunk. I think she was stoned.

Anyway, Brayfield told police two masked men had broken into her home, forced her to drive her car, and then stuffed her in the trunk. Police investigated her home and saw absolutely no evidence of a break-in. That's when Brayfield fessed up and was charged with filing a false police report.

Whatever Brayfield was on, it wasn't doing her any favors, and she probably needs to sober up. This is way too elaborate a charade for just a one-time indiscretion. It kind of sounds like what you do if intoxication is an ongoing problem of yours. Answering to the charge should be a wakeup call for Brayfield, but I hope she can get some help. She may have gotten away with avoiding a breathalyzer test this time, but what is she going to pull for her next great escape plan?

Do you think this was the desperate act of someone with a substance abuse problem, or just a zany, one-time thing?


Image via ABC News

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