Man Accused of Shooting His Father-in-Law on Father's Day While He Sat in Church

Man Shoots Father-in-LawIn a horrifying story out of Utah, a man named Charles Richard Jennings Jr. walked into a Catholic church in Ogden, Utah on Father's Day hand in hand with his wife. As she sat in her pew, he marched up to her father, pulled a gun, and shot him in the back of the head. His father-in-law turned his head just in time and actually survived the shooting, but the church has been traumatized by the incident and many are wondering the obvious: Why?

As of now, it's unclear, though the couple did have a history of domestic disputes. The details on a potential motive are sparse at best, but it's hard to imagine he could be hand in hand with his wife one minute and shooting her dad on Father's Day the next.

Did she know he planned to do that? Why did he choose a church and not some other place to carry out his awful plan?


There is also the question of whether his wife knew of his plan. Was he holding her hand because they were in on it together? Or did she have no idea that her man was planning something so horrific? Is it possible that he was angry at his father-in-law for some perceived roadblock he had set up between the two and so was killing him in anger?

I guess as the trial proceeds, we will learn more about why someone would choose to do something like this. It's hard to even fathom.

Still, it's easy to imagine a scenario in which his father-in-law became the enemy in an already volatile situation. If he is the type of man who blames others for his problems, it's easy to see how his wife -- and by extension her father -- would be the reason he was having issues in his marriage.

These kinds of public shootings over domestic problems are especially confounding, though, because there has to be a symbolic reason to take it out of the home, right? But what could it be? Maybe we will never understand what happens in the mind of the type of person who would shoot someone in the head in a church.

The reality is, even understanding his reasons won't make it OK.

Why do you think someone would do this?


Image via Weber County Sheriff's Office

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