Man Catches Kids Vandalizing Home, Then Gets Accused of Something REALLY Out of Line

lockIf you only heard half of the story, you'd totally side with Jesse Daniels. See, Daniels happened to catch a bunch of kids allegedly vandalizing the house he's been renovating. Like, really vandalizing. According to Daniels, he found four boys between the ages of 8 and 10 taking a hammer to the home. "One person was sitting on the floor and the other ones were swinging, just swinging crazy," Daniels said. But when you hear the boys' version of what happened, things change. Instead of simply calling the police to report the boys' obnoxious behavior, Daniels allegedly locked them in a closet until the cops got there. And that was after he did something really awful. 


According to the boys and their parents, Daniels grabbed the hammer, grabbed one of the kids by the throat, and threatened him. "I understand they were in the wrong but there are other ways to handle it," said one father. "He knew who the kids were; it's not like they were strangers. Send the kids home and call the cops then. You don't sit there and torment them and tell them you're going to bash their skulls in with a hammer."

Uh, amen to that. It isn't easy to side with kids who are bashing in a home with a hammer, but what Daniels allegedly did makes it possible. I can imagine he was beyond frustrated and mad to discover what the boys were doing -- as anyone would be -- but there's a way to deal with things. And that way doesn't involve grabbing kids' throats and locking them in a closet. Did these kids deserve to get in trouble? Absolutely. But they didn't deserve to fear for their life, which is probably what they were doing if what they're saying about Daniels is true.

If Daniels would have handled the situation less aggressively -- IE, if he would have called the cops and that's it -- he would have gotten exactly what he wanted: Punishment for these kids. But since his anger took over, he now may be facing charges, as well. (Charges that could potentially land him in jail for a year.) I doubt that's what he was after when he discovered what was being done to his house. But if this proves to be true, this is exactly what he deserves. Two wrongs don't make a right. As an adult, he should know that better than anyone.

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