Famed Chef Nigella Lawson's Husband Shown 'Choking' Her Violently in Horrifying Photos

Nigella LawsonA series of horrifying photos showing "The Taste" star Nigella Lawson in what appears to be a fight with her husband of 10 years, Charles Saatchi. In the photos Saatchi is seen choking Lawson as she cries, reaching across the table and poking her in the face, and eventually storming out.

Witnesses said they did not intervene (um, why?) but that it did look brutal and they were horrified. Later, she is seen crying and hailing a cab.

The photos are pretty damning evidence that something is very, very wrong in that marriage. But even worse, it is being reported that she left with a suitcase later. Ordinarily, reporting on something like this would feel like cruel gossip, but if she is being abused and no one stepped in, then it SHOULD be publicized far and wide. No one should be treated that way.


Apparently police are investigating the attack and there could be consequences for Saatchi. But it's chilling to imagine someone who thought it was perfectly acceptable to beat his wife in broad daylight like that, in PUBLIC no less.

Now maybe these photos are being misinterpreted. Maybe. But something happened and something needs to be done about it.

My heart goes out to Nigella who I came to love back in the early 2000's on her show Nigella Bites and who has always struck me as warm and wonderful. Let's hope she gets through this and gets whatever help she needs.

Do you think there is room for interpretation on these photos?


Image via Splash

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