Nanny Accused of Killing Krim Children Says 'Someone Else' Killed Them

The nanny accused of killing two of her young charges denies she had anything to do with killing them. Parents everywhere were horrified when Yoselyn Ortega, a trusted and beloved nanny of the Krim family, allegedly killed 2-year-old Leo and 6-year-old Lucia by stabbing them to death in their own bathtub. Their mother, Marina, came home with her third child to find the grisly scene. Yoselyn had also tried to slit her own throat. Since then, the ex-nanny has been held in a mental facility and now in a Rikers Island jailhouse since she was released from the hospital. For the first time, she's spoken out about the murders.


The New York Daily News obtained an interview with the nanny, and it's as creepy as it gets. The reporter says that Yoselyn spoke in an "eerie" whisper when she denied being the killer. She reportedly said:

I didn’t do that. Someone else did. Those are all lies.

There seems to be overwhelming evidence against Yoselyn. And she didn't offer any alternative suspects. This is either Yoselyn's mind gone into complete denial; or Yoselyn's mind on crazy; or Yoselyn's cunning mind pretending to be crazy.

Is it bizarre if I think it's a combination of all? I do believe that people can go temporarily insane. Reports say that Yoselyn was under extreme financial stress at the time of the killings and that the Krims may have warned her to shape up or she would be fired. She could have been building resentment towards them for a long time. Additionally, reports say that before the killings, she became quiet and withdrawn and had begun seeing a psychologist.

Does she not understand reality? Does she not know right from wrong? I don't think her crazy goes that far. Proof of that is when the Daily News reporter asks her if she loved Leo and Lucia. She apparently narrowed her eyes and said, "My lawyer told me not to talk. I’m not supposed to say anything."

Which proves she knows exactly what is going on. At least now.

If Yoselyn is going to stick with her "I didn't do it" defense, then the Krims may never get an answer as to "why?" There is no answer that would be good enough. But often victims want some kind of answer. Yoselyn in complete denial will never give them that.

Then there are those who truly believe she didn't do it. I've seen all kinds of online theories. I'm not going to repeat them here because none of these people have ever been official suspects. But Yoselyn strangely has her defenders.

Why do you think she says she didn't do it?


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