Woman Arrested for Chasing Kids With a Chainsaw While Wearing a Ski Mask

Lynne Marie Herzog
Lynn Marie Herzog
I think it's safe to say we've all encountered an obnoxious kid or two in our day. Brats. Trouble makers. Kids who just need to learn a lesson. But, in my opinion, the best way to deal with these types of kids when you're an adult is to ignore them. Attention is what they're after. If they're doing something exceptionally obnoxious -- like throwing rocks at your house -- call the cops. Open your window and yell at them. For the love of sweet baby Jesus, don't throw on a ski mask, fire up your chainsaw, and chase them off your lawn. That's a really bad idea. But that's exactly what Lynn Marie Herzog is accused of doing. And unsurprisingly, an arrest swiftly followed the incident. (Hers.)


A neighbor called the police after allegedly seeing a group of boys running away from Herzog's house in a panic. Neighbor Patty Fleming said: "I come out of my door and hear her screaming at the kids. The boys start walking and she starts walking towards them with her skull mask and her chainsaw, shaking it like she was going to hurt the kids."

Now, I'm sure there are some of you out there who think kids who are throwing rocks at people's houses need a good scare the old fashioned way (that is, if chainsaws and ski masks are the old fashioned way). But riddle me this: What if there was an accident? What if Herzog slipped? What if a kid died? This story wouldn't be as weird and amusing to those with twisted senses of humor. It would be a tragedy. Sorry to be such a killjoy here, but you don't mess around with chainsaws when kids are involved. It's a terrible, awful idea.

Herzog has been charged felony harassment of a child under 17, and if convicted, she could spend up to four years in prison. However, some feel that time in a mental health facility would be of more use.  Lesa Vossenkemper, another neighbor, says Herzog has threatened her 28-year-old mentally disabled son for so long that she had to file a protection order. "Our son is so terrified of her, that he's afraid she's going to wind up in the house with him and do something to him," Vossenkemper said.

If these stories prove to be true, it does sound like Herzog needs help and/or some kind of punishment. What she allegedly did to these boys was in no way right -- but on the flip side, if the neighborhood did know there was something wrong with her, and these kids did throw rocks at her home, that's pretty messed up. And, actually, really sad. 

What do you think of this?

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