Daring Grandma Shoots at Intruder Then KABLAM, He Apologizes (VIDEO)

grandma intruderWhen a man tried to break into Jan Cooper's home in Anaheim, California late Saturday night, she was prepared to defend herself. When she heard a man on her porch trying to open the sliding glass door, the 72-year-old woman pulled out her gun and aimed at the burglar. She told the cops that she saw his silhouette, warned him she was about to shoot, then, kablam, grandma shot at the intruder.


Cooper told the 911 dispatcher:

You'd better get the police here. I don't know whether I hit him or not. I'm not sure. He's standing at my door, my back door. He's in my yard.

Turns out, she didn't hit him -- she narrowly missed. After she fired two shots, the alleged intruder, identified as Brandon Alexander Perez, 31, apologized to Cooper. He said, "I'm sorry ma'am. I'm leaving. Please don't shoot."

Got to give it up to Grandma for really taking charge of the situation and protecting her home and her 85-year-old wheelchair-bound husband from harm, but dang! Shooting at someone is pretty serious stuff. It was a risky move -- what if it had been someone she knew?

Not that that was likely, but here's the thing: this story would've been way different had she actually killed the guy. Cooper's getting a lot of national attention for being the bad-ass that she is, but there is an OCEAN between shooting at someone and killing someone.

And it's not as if she purposefully missed, either -- her shot could've easily been fatal. And if it had been, would the headlines have been as "Rah-rah go Granny!" as they are now?

Maybe. But probably not.

What do you think?


Photo via ABCNews

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