Woman Accused of Murder by High Heel Joins ‘Stiletto Attack Hall of Shame’

roger vivier stilettoHave you been following this story about the stiletto murder? A Texas woman is accused of murdering her boyfriend -- with her stiletto heel. When police answered a call about a domestic disturbance at a luxury condo, Ana Trujillo answered the door. Beyond her lay University of Houston professor Alf Stefan Andersson with about 10 stabbing wounds in his head and 15 more elsewhere on his body. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Oh my God, a stiletto stabbing! That's so ... I'm horrified at how fascinated I am with this story. But I'm sorry, death by footwear is just too irresistible. Did I mention the couple supposedly downed some tequila right before the murder? And that Ana is claiming self defense? No! I hate how much I want to know more. But while I'm waiting for more details to be released, let's revisit other famous stiletto murders in history.


(An aside: Ana Trujillo, thanks a lot for reinforcing that tiresome stereotype of the hot-blooded, irrational Latina. Tequila -- REALLY? It's not bad enough that we're all living under Sofia Vergara's shadow -- you have to do THIS? Fellow Latinas, can we all band together and pledge not to do any more crazy shit that lands us in the papers? Gracias.)

In 2010 a woman was accused of stabbing a man in the eye with her stiletto heel. Apparently the couple got into an argument in a cab and she kicked him. I don't know ... that would take some spectacular aim, but all right. If you say so. He survived.

In 2011 a Georgia woman was accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death with her stiletto heel in the trailer they shared. So you see, you don't have to be fancy to commit a stiletto murder. They don't have to be Manolos.

The Frisky found five more stiletto attacks -- all in the same year!

  • In January, a stripper was charged with aggravated assault when she allegedly beat her co-worker in the face and head with the sharp heel of her shoe.
  • In February, a 22-year-old woman was arrested for brutally attacking two other women outside a bar in the UK with her stiletto.
  • In June, two men were attacked in separate incidents by a woman wielding a sharp-pointed heel in a bustling town center. Both were sent to the hospital with serious head and eye injuries.
  • In July there two stiletto attacks: One involved a male British soccer player who got into a brawl over his girlfriend and borrowed a woman’s stiletto heel to slice his nemesis’ scalp.

A stiletto stabbing featured on Judge Judy resulted in stitches in the victim's face. The incident occurred at a college party, reinforcing the belief that frat boys, vodka, and heels are a dangerous combination.

I always thought the stiletto-as-weapon was just a joke. But I guess if you're naming a shoe after a dagger, stabby-deathy-stuff is inevitable. Not that it makes any difference, but a "true" stiletto is made from a stem made of steel or an alloy. All other stiletto-shaped high heel shoes are made from other materials. Did Ana Trujillo use a true stiletto? I don't know, but whatever she used, it was deadly enough.

Did you know stiletto heels could be this dangerous?


Image via Roger Vivier

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