Snapping Turtle Mom Murdered With a Golf Club & Her Killer Must Pay

snapping turtleJust in case you were feeling like losing some faith in humanity, here's a sick, heartbreaking story out of Delavan, Wisconsin (outside of Milwaukee): A mother snapping turtle was found beaten on a golf course and died today. The Journal Sentinel reports that the turtle was searching for a safe spot for her eggs, and on Monday, she was found beaten with a golf club and had holes in her shell. What in the world ...?!! 

Earlier this week, she had been expected to undergo surgery and wildlife experts had estimated her survival at 40 percent, according to the Department of Natural Resources. Sadly, she did not survive, and now there's a fittingly hefty reward for anyone who can help authorities arrest whoever is responsible for this disgusting abuse.


And by the way, say what you will about PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), with their constant hounding of celebs and nudey ads, but when something like this happens, you've gotta be thankful they and other organizations are around to stand up for the most defenseless creatures out there. The organization announced today that they'll add $5K to the $1K reward already being offered by the Global Conservation Group of Watertown. Good for them! 

PETA Director Martin Mersereau responded to the tragedy in a news release:

Animal abusers are cowards. They take their issues out on the most defenseless beings available to them.

I couldn't agree more. Who would do something like this? Thankfully the DNR is committed to investigating the case. Anyone with information is asked to call the DNR Hotline at 1-800-TIP-WDNR or 1-800-847-9367.

Doesn't this just break your heart?

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