Crazy Naked Man Does Gymnastics & Attacks People in Subway (VIDEO)

BART crazy naked man
I drew him some boxers
So here's the weirdest thing you'll see probably all week. About a month ago in San Francisco's BART subway system, there was a crazy naked man doing gymnastics and attacking people. (The video just surfaced this week.) Obviously attacking people is scary. Attacking people while naked is even worse. But ... someone took video of the guy in action and you just. Can't. Take. Your eyes. Off of him. I mean, one minute he's doing handstands and backflips. The next minute he's running at someone with his arms outstretched. What does he want, a hug?

It would be hilarious -- if you couldn't hear one of Crazy Naked Man's victims sobbing with terror in the background. Ooh, I would hate to be her! But how surreal. He's unarmed, and there's nothing so vulnerable as nudity. But he's being so aggressive and bizarre, I think I'd have been terrified if I'd actually been there.


If he went after you, wouldn't you wonder, "Why me?!?"

So ... what's his deal? I'm saying drugs for sure. It's only a question of which ones. Gotta say, given the nudity, bath salts come to mind. I think we're lucky he didn't try to eat anyone. (Ugh, horrible memories from the zombie bath salt attacks of last summer -- remember?!?) You'd think that by now we'd all have heard about what a train wreck that drug is, but people can be foolish.

The man was finally arrested and taken to a hospital for evaluation. He was released soon after, and we still don't know what set him off. He was charged with a misdemeanor. In his booking photo, his eyes are half closed so ... not sure he quite understood those charges. Wow, you expect to see some insane shit when you live in a densely-populated city, but this takes the cake.

WARNING: Full frontal nudity. NSFW.

Have you ever witnessed someone losing it in public like this?


Image via anwash12/YouTube

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