Accused Rapist Claims He Was Trying to 'Save' Victim’s Life

There is never, EVER any excuse for having sex with a woman without her consent. That is called rape. No if, ands, or buts. But men sure come up with doozies trying. Like that a woman didn't say no. Or she was dressed a certain way. Or even that "no one is perfect." But this has got to be the worst excuse of all time. A man reportedly had sex with his neighbor, whom he found outside unconscious, because he was trying to "save her life." I really had zero idea that sex could save your life under any circumstances, but listen to Dr. Alleged Rapist tell it.


Rodger William Kelly reportedly found his neighbor, a 29-year-old woman, unconscious on her porch. At this point, he allegedly did what any caring person would do (that's HEAVY sarcasm); he brought her into his apartment, took off her clothes, and tried to "warm her up." That led to hugging (one-sided hugging since she was unconscious) and then he inserted his penis into her to get her "body temperature up."

Uhh, first of all. This reportedly happened on May 29. I doubt it was so cold outside, even in Utah, that the woman had passed out from hypothermia. No word on why she was unconscious.

Second of all, even if she WAS half dead from hypothermia, having sex with her is not going to help matters. Your penis is not a heat stick. MAYBE you put her in a warm bath. But you don't have sex with an unconscious woman. This is not what they teach in first aid class!

Maybe the dude thought this was acceptable behavior because apparently he and the woman had been intimate before. But he reportedly admitted she told him she didn't want to have sex with him anymore. A previous "yes" is not a default answer for all time. Yes, you need to get consent each time.

The guy did eventually call police -- they arrived to find him doing CPR on the woman. Who knows what his idea of CPR is though. After she recovered, the victim found bruising on her pelvis that led her to believe she'd been raped.

Hmm. Strange how this guy didn't mention his attempt to revive this woman with his penis to the police before they came after him on a rape charge.

Do you think there is ever an excuse for this behavior?


Image via Washington County Sheriff's Office

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