Newtown Schools on Lockdown Again After Mysterious 'Threat' Against Them

Newtown ShootingThe horrific murders of 26 people in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012 won't soon be forgotten by anyone across the country. But someone out there thought that Newtown hadn't suffered enough and called in a mysterious "threat" to the high school on Monday, causing all the schools to go on lockdown and probably re-traumatizing so many parents and children who have been through so much this year. ENOUGH.

The threat was credible enough to place the schools on "modified lockdown," which meant the kids were released to their parents. Of course, for the parents, this was a reopening of wounds that are still fresh.

The day Adam Lanza gunned down 26 innocent schoolchildren and their teachers is burned into our collective memories in an incredibly painful way. But for the people who live in Newtown, that pain -- and the fear that comes along with it -- is constant. They didn't need this.


Police aren't saying what the threat was specifically, but they did say it wasn't a bomb. This leads me to believe that someone, somewhere, thought it would be funny to threaten a traumatized community with more bloodshed and more violence and probably in a similar way.

One of the most painful things since Newtown is watching nothing change. Just last week there was ANOTHER school shooting and we haven't been able to get any meaningful gun legislation passed.

These families who have had losses most of us can't even begin to fathom aren't being heard in Washington, they're being threatened again, and the NRA continues to mock their pain.

How are we letting this continue? How is it that it feels like so few people are listening?

My heart breaks for them. This is just one more thing and I wish I had the power personally to make their pain stop and help them grieve. It's just beyond anything that anyone should ever have to experience.

Who do you think called in this threat?


Image via Stuart Frisby/Flickr

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