5-Year-Old Tornado Survivor Killed by Dog Makes Us Question Our Beliefs (VIDEO)

angel statueThe story on its own is heartbreaking enough -- a 5-year-old boy was viciously killed by a dog this weekend in Arkansas. But when you add in the fact that just a few weeks earlier he'd barely escaped death when a tornado ripped through his hometown of Moore, Oklahoma, you have to wonder how much one family can take.

According to KTHV, it happened Saturday at the home of a family friend. The boy and his 2-year-old sister were staying there while their parents were rebuilding their own home in Oklahoma that had been destroyed by the tornado. The boy (whose name hasn't been released) was crying and upset for some reason. The dog, a Bullmastiff, may have considered it an aggressive act and attacked.

The dog's owner, Lynn Giling, said she tried to save the boy, but it was too late. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.


It's hard to imagine how this family will go on after experiencing so much grief and horror in such a short time. After the tornado, they surely were happy to have survived and thankful their children were spared from death as others were not. I imagine that it renewed their sense of purpose in life, and gave them a big reminder of how precious life is. Then just weeks later they got this devastating news that the precious life of their son was over.

It's the kind of heartbreaking story that makes even the most faithful question how something this tragic can happen. When extreme things happen -- both good and bad -- we tell ourselves that they were meant to be. We comfort ourselves by saying, "Things happen for a reason." It's hard believe there's any reason for a boy to be spared one day, and just weeks later have his life violently ripped away. It's hard to understand why one family is faced with so much grief while others face none. It's hard, but that's what faith is about, I guess.

Many thoughts and prayers to this boy's family and friends.

Do stories like these make you question your beliefs?


Image via Melissa Wiesse/Flickr

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