Body of Missing Teacher Believed to Be Found in New Orleans Bayou

Missing teacher Terrilynn Monette is believed to have been finally found. She disappeared in New Orleans in March after celebrating her "Teacher of the Year" award with some friends at a local bar. But now her car was located submerged in a bayou. Although the body inside has not been confirmed to be Terrilynn, a source told CNN it is believed to be her. This is a tragic ending for a young women who moved to New Orleans to teach the impoverished children of NOLA.


Terrilynn moved from Los Angeles to New Orleans specifically to teach children, and her first year on the job she turned one of the lowest performing classrooms around into one of the highest. That skill and dedication was awarded with the "Teacher of the Year" nomination. She was celebrating at a bar with some pals. Reportedly the last thing she told them was that she was going back to her to car to sleep off the effects of the alcohol.

Terrilynn's mother, who was devastated by her daughter's disappearance, has been informed of the car and body being found and told CNN:

I can't even begin to go there right now. I'm in shock. I can't believe this. I just can't believe this.

No word yet on whether foul play could have landed the missing teacher in the bayou, or if this was a terrible accident. What the world truly needs is excellent teachers like Terrilynn, so her family isn't the only one who will suffer in this tragedy, the children of New Orleans will too.

What do you think happened?

Image via WDSU TV


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