Man Reportedly Kills Father & Brother Then Opens Fire at Nearby School (VIDEO)

Another mass gun shooting has torn through a community, leaving at least four people dead and many injured and many, many people asking, "Why?" This time it was in the coastal neighborhood of Santa Monica in Los Angeles. A man reportedly clad all in black, wearing a bullet-proof vest and carrying an AR15 assault rifle stormed the campus of Santa Monica College and began shooting, even at a bus and a police car. He shot at one man driving an SUV. He and his passenger crashed and the man died.


The man then shot a woman collecting cans outside of the school and opened fire on students who were running away. He then entered the school. Said one witness:

A lot of people were hiding under desks in corners. He was just walking calmly like it was target practice ... He wasn’t talking or yelling. He just seemed kind of blank.

He ended his rampage in the school library after shooting at students who were there studying for finals. Dozens of children who were on a field trip at the college's planetarium seem to have escaped unharmed.

Police arrived and a gun battled ensued, leaving the madman dead. It was later revealed that the man had reportedly killed his father and brother at home and set the house on fire before beginning his shooting spree. President Obama's motorcade has passed by the area a half an hour earlier to bring him to a fundraiser, but that appears to have been a coincidence.

The current death toll is four people -- with five people wounded.

Another gun rampage in this country. Another school. And yet we have reached an impasse in this country. One part will say, "Why should anyone besides law enforcement have an assault rifle?" The other will say, "Everyone should have an assault rifle and then someone could have taken this guy down." Presuming we want a world where everyone walks around armed to the teeth. I guess this is the world some people want. On the other hand, it would be difficult to disarm everyone of their assault rifles at this point.

What do we do, country? What do we do, America? How can we call this country great as long as ordinary men, women, and children can't go to school or go on about their daily activities without fear of being shot by a random crazed person with an assault rifle?

Why are there so many angry men out there who will pick up guns and want to kill perfect strangers? Notice it's not women doing this. How did the men in this country lose their way to the point where this has become a regular occurence? I don't have the answer. But there has got to be a better way.

Why do you think this keeps happening?


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