Husband Pleads Guilty to Murdering Mom of Triplets in a Truly Horrific Way

Jacque Sue WallerThe disappearance of Jacque Sue Waller, a Missouri mother of triplets who went missing two years ago, was a mystery for a long, long time. Now it has ended. Two weeks ago her body was found after her former husband revealed where he hid it in exchange for a lighter sentence.

Yesterday, Clay Waller pleaded guilty to hitting Jacque Sue in the head repeatedly and choking her while knowingly causing her death. Prior to this act, he had dug a six-foot hole in a remote location that he scouted via helicopter. For revealing this location, he received only a 20-year sentence as part of the plea deal Jacque Sue's parents agreed to in order to recover her remains. 

Jacque Sue's sister is now raising the couple's triplets and the son left a stunning message for his father telling him he never wanted to see him again after what he did to their mother. There isn't justice in the world enough for what this man did to those children and their family.


Although I understand the need for closure and why they would have taken the plea deal despite the egregious lack of justice (20 years for premeditated murder? Really?), it's also sickening to think that, realistically, this monster could be back out on the street at some point before he is dead.

It's so tragically clear how badly her family wanted her back that they were willing to let her killer off with such a light sentence. This is an unfortunate reality in our justice system. I am sure he feels like he won something here by getting such a ridiculously light sentence for murder. But he has won nothing.

For those who believe in the after life, he will pay mightily then. But he will also pay now. He is branded a murderer. He confessed to doing something so horrifying and disgusting that he will be marked for life by that act.

It's not that I think he is getting justice. He isn't. But I am also not sure there IS justice for the premeditated murder of the mother of three young children. It's an act only a sick, horrible person would commit, and therefore, he will live in a hell of his own making. Or at least I hope so.

My heart goes out to the children involved. May they find some peace in their suffering.

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Do you understand why her family would take the plea?


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