'Evil Elmo' Accused of Trying to Bribe the Girl Scouts Into Giving Him $2 Million

Evil ElmoDan Sandler, a man who goes by the name Adam Sandler and who travels coast to coast playing "Evil Elmo" (a crass, mean version of the iconic Sesame Street character) stands accused of trying to extort the Girl Scouts of the USA for either a high paying work from home position or $2 million.

And that's not even the weird part. In a story almost too bizarre to believe.

Prosecutors allege that it all started when Sandler met a Girl Scouts supervisor while working a temp job at the nonprofit. He kept contacting her long after he left and when she asked him to stop, he threatened to spread false rumors about sex abuse in the organization. Crazy. This is not the first time Sandler has been in trouble. Last year he was accused of going on an anti-Semitic tirade while fully costumed in Times Square. Clearly, this is a man with mental problems.


Is it just me or do there seem to be a lot of issues surrounding these furry characters?

If they are not shouting obscenities then they are sexually harassing women. There is no end to the amount of freedom some of these costumed characters seem to think a big, fuzzy disguise gives them.

As a parent, I find this kind of worrisome. We live outside the city and are often in New York and I try like hell to keep my kids out of Times Square because they can't help but try to pay attention to the costumed characters. If a kid so much as glances at them, you owe them money.

How is that different from extortion, really? It's taking the most vulnerable population of people (children) and using them to get money from their parents. Of COURSE they want a photo with Elmo and then you have the awkward position of paying for something you don't want.

Mild, yes. But manipulative nonetheless.

Hopefully the "Evil Elmo" character is retired after this nonsense. See his original tirade below:

Do you like those fuzzy characters?


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