Cheerleader Accused of Prostituting Her Special Needs Friend to Men for Money

girl accused of prostituting friendA Minnesota 18-year-old stands accused of a truly horrible crime. She allegedly picked one of the younger girls on her cheerleading squad -- a girl with a known cognitive delay -- and forced her to prostitute for money and then taking the profits.

Montia Marie Parke faces felony charges of sex trafficking and promoting prostitution for what she is accused of doing to her 16-year-old classmate. My heart just breaks for this girl who is said to have refused intercourse and asked to only do oral sex and then was refused by the john. What. The. Hell?

"Bullying" is such a popular catchphrase these days and it's very often overused. Any kind of social issue among teens and kids is now called "bullying," and it runs the gamut from schoolyard taunts to driving people to suicide. But this? This goes beyond anything we have heard of to date.


The cruelty of this girl is just beyond imagining. She took a vulnerable classmate and she treated her in an inhuman manner. It's almost too much to bear. What kind of girl does this?

She is a teenager technically, at 18, but she is also a legal adult, old enough to deal with the consequences of her actions. She is in the real world soon and that kind of attitude is truly scary. If she is such a sociopath in high school, why do we think that will change even one bit when she is out of high school?

Something went very wrong for this girl. Maybe she learned from her parents. Maybe she had a severe lack of supervision and was abused in some way. By the age of 18, though, she is responsible for what she does. She absolutely should know better. Hell, my 6-year-old would know better (assuming she even knew what prostitution was).

It will be very hard for the parents of the poor victim to ever trust her friends again, and for that alone, Parke needs to pay mightily. What a heartbreaking story.

Do you think a girl like this can grow up and change?


Image via Hennepin County Jail

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