Wealthy Mom of 3 Busted for $3 Million Marijuana Operation in Real-Life 'Weeds'

marijuanaA wealthy single mom of three from Scarsdale, New York was harboring quite an elaborate secret behind the gates of her $2 million mansion. The mom was earning her living through the growth and distribution of marijuana out of a warehouse in Queens. Her business had grown to be so substantial that the authorities who busted her this week say it's worth about $3 million.

She is a real-life Weeds, the HBO show where Mary-Louise Parker supports her family by becoming a drug dealer -- and Andrea Sanderlin, 45, is probably going to pay a hefty price for her actions. Possibly even up to a decade in prison.

Apparently, her electricity bill from the warehouse was one major tip-off. It exceeded $9,000 and was paid all in cash. Yeah, maybe not so bright (pun intended). But then neither is putting a mom away for a decade for doing what she could to support her family.


Maybe I am a bit jaded by the show that made selling marijuana seem pretty ho-hum, but I do think there has to be room for a mom who is doing the best she can. She wasn't smuggling narcotics in the country or getting children hooked on crack. She was growing and distributing a natural substance that is legal for some uses in some states. It's not addictive and whether she was hurting anyone is debatable (I say she wasn't).

Unless she was engaging in violent or thug-like behavior against fellow drug dealers, I can't really see the major problem here.

Obviously she ran afoul of the law, but rapists sometimes don't get 10 years. Is she really as bad as a rapist?

Personally, I think it takes a lot of courage and gumption to do what she did. I wish (and I am sure she wishes) she had applied those same skills toward a legal enterprise, but as someone who generally thinks pot should be legal, it seems wrong to crucify this woman for being an entrepreneur.

This will be really sad for her kids.

Do you think she ought to be put away for 10 years?


Image via Blind Nomad/Flickr

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