Teen Shot at Kindergarten Graduation Shows How Low Some People Will Go

graduationWe've been having a really depressing run lately when it comes to gun violence, haven't we? It seems like every day there's at least one new story reporting on the horrid details of some poor soul being gunned down. It's always heartbreaking. But there's something a little more awful when kids are involved. A teen in Providence, Rhode Island was shot over the weekend at a kindergarten graduation party.

Guns at parties are never a good idea, but a kindergarten graduation? Wow. Takes a special kind of person to bring a weapon there, let alone draw it.


Sixteen-year-old Ny'asia Lawrence was shot in the back and is currently being treated at Hasbro Children's Hospital after an uninvited party guest was asked to leave the event. Lawrence's mother told the guest to either pay for the food he was eating or to leave. The guest left, but then returned with a group of friends, and one of the friends started shooting.

This isn't the first time in recent history that a child has been caught in harm's way because someone drew their gun and began shooting, not giving a single thought to who was around. We had the poor, sweet baby who was killed while she was getting her diaper changed; the 10-year-old who was killed while she sat and watched TV. And the mom who was gunned down while she was holding her newborn baby.

What has the world come to?

I don't expect people who go around shooting people over dumb arguments to have the highest of scruples, but it seems like there are more and more children and moms killed every day over things they have nothing to do with. It's not okay. And it shows the kind of people we're dealing with here -- the kind of people who are impossible to get through to. The kind of people who are never going to change. The kind of people who need to be taken off the streets for good.

Hopefully, Ny'asia will make a full recovery and things can get back to normal in the Lawrence household. But it's terrifying to think of what could have happened at this party. Guns and kindergartners. Wow. Just wow.

What do you think of this?


Image via Josh Grenier/Flickr

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