104 Men Arrested & Publicly Shamed for Soliciting Prostitutes Act Like They're the Victims

A wealthy New York City enclave is reeling after authorities published the photos and names of more than 100 men who were arrested for soliciting prostitutes. The johns flushed in the sting operation range in age from 17 to 79 and include every conceivable type of guy -- including lawyers, doctors, and plenty of married men with children. "Johns" are traditionally ignored or given a tap on the wrist while the prostitutes themselves end up in jail, so this is a step in the right direction -- though I doubt any of them will spend a day behind bars. Most of them have already lawyered up and are crying for discretion and mercy and acting like they're the victims.


"Please, please be sensitive to the situation," pleaded one guy before referring a reporter to his lawyer.

"They’re humiliating [the suspects'] children, their parents, their wives. Think about the 13-year-old son going to school tomorrow," said another.

Ha! I find this hilarious. The john's lawyer pleading for the reporter to think of the john's son. THE JOHN DID NOT THINK OF HIS SON.

Every single one of these guys seems to think that he is the victim here. He is not the victim. As the authorities make very clear, prostitution is NOT a victimless crime. In fact, most of the women are sex trafficked in from other countries and forced to become prostitutes against their will under threats of violence. Many of them are underage.

This is what the men are patronizing and supporting. But I think they imagine they're getting Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman. Comments on the story were just as whiny and victim-blaming. Examples:

- Hey, you never know what drives these guys to do this, but there must be a reason stemming from the wife in the first place.

- Maybe if the space between your legs was not cold as ice, men would not need to look elsewhere. Give men a break we are trying very hard to deal with you spoiled rotten females ...

That's right, ladies. When your man brings home a venereal disease -- it's YOUR fault! Women have a right to know if their man is sleeping with a prostitute. If the marriage breaks up, it's not the authorities who did it. It's the MAN who did it. Though a lot of wives will remain in denial. The wife of one 79-year-old lawyer who was arrested declared, "That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. He’s 79 years old!"

I think it would be better for everyone if sex workers were regulated so that they wouldn't be subject to violent pimps and afraid of reporting crimes against them. Sex trafficking would decrease. As for keeping your husbands and boyfriends away from them, though, that's another story.

Do you think johns should be arrested and shamed publicly?


Image via Nassau County District Attorney

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