Oscar Pistorius Trial Delay May Help Reeva Steenkamp's Family Get Justice

Oscar PistoriusOscar Pistorius, the famous Olympic "blade runner," is on trial for the Valentine's Day shooting death of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. The story last February dominated headlines because it was just so shocking, and now, a couple months later, it looks like the trial that was scheduled to begin soon is actually getting postponed to August 19.

The delay is in order for police to finish their investigation and be as thorough as they can be in order to get justice. In fact, it was the prosecution who asked for this delay, not the defense. Still, for many, this might just seem unfair to Steenkamp and her family.

Actually, though, it's in their best interest to have the prosecution be as prepared as they possibly can be from the start of the trial.


We all want swift justice to spare the families of victims the pain of a long, drawn out process. But we should also want it done right. And that takes time.

In the U.S., we have seen so many cases where the investigation was botched and justice is never served. Look at Casey Anthony or Susan Powell or any number of cases where there simply wasn't enough evidence to convict, but enormous amounts of public assumption of guilt.

Good on South Africa for trying to do right by Steenkamp.

I am sure if she could speak for herself, she would want things to take longer in order to be done right than to be rushed and possibly botched. Pistorius claims he killed Steenkamp because he believed she was an intruder in his home. Prosecutors believe he shot her as she tried to get away from him, hiding in the bathroom. Whatever the truth is, it will take some research to get there. It's not fair to expect things to be done both quickly AND correctly, so if I had to choose one, give me the latter any day.

I hope Steenkamp's family learns the truth about what happened to their beloved. It's such a sad story.

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Do you think justice should be faster?


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