Kidnap Victim Gina DeJesus Reunited With Her Dog From House of Horrors (VIDEO)

The three women who were held captive inside a house in Cleveland, Ohio, allegedly by Ariel Castro, went through a hell that none of us can fathom. However, there seems to have been small glimpses of humanity inside the horror and one of them is that the three women were allowed to have pets -- or at least were allowed to interact with the three dogs of Ariel Castro. The pooches were taken from the house of horrors after Castro's arrest, were groomed and neutered or spayed, and were put into foster homes. Reportedly the dogs were treated better than the women -- and they are friendly and social. Now one of the dogs will be reunited with one of the women. Gina DeJesus, who was kidnapped at 14, reportedly had a special bond with an adorable Shih Tzu-mix.


After the dogs were taken into custody, DeJesus's lawyer reached out to the shelter where the dog, named Lala, was being kept, and asked that Gina be allowed to take the pup. The attorney then picked up the dog.

The other dogs are in foster homes and up for adoption as the remaining women, Amanda Berry and Michelle Knight, reportedly did not want them. Reports say the pooches were used as punishment for the girls by Castro -- taken away from them when they misbehaved.

I imagine that this must have created emotional turmoil within the women. On the one hand, they must have been desperate for something sweet and lovable to bond with. On the other hand, knowing that this love could be taken from them at any time for punishment could have made them shut their heart down to the creatures -- that would be the only way to avoid emotional pain.

The dogs also could also be a reminder of what the women went through. And maybe Amanda and Michelle live with people who are allergic or with other animals who wouldn't want a dog in the house. We don't really know, but if they feel they don't want the dogs, it's definitely best to give them a chance to find other homes.

However, Gina feels that the dog is hers and will help her heal, and it's wonderful that they are reunited.

Have you ever had a special bond with an animal who saw you through difficult times?


Image via 19 Action News/YouTube

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