8 People Arrested After Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony Turns Extremely Violent

Kindergarten GraduationA Kindergarten graduation ceremony at an Ohio elementary school turned extremely ugly yesterday. It began when someone spilled punch at the ceremony and ended when people pulled out hammers and a pipe. Yes, seriously. A brawl at a ceremony for 5 and 6-year-olds. Makes perfect sense, right?

File this under: You have to be friggin' kidding me.

In the end, eight people were arrested, but I am sure dozens more were humiliated and traumatized. I mean, really. Acting like an adult among a sea of REAL babies was too much work for you? Spilled punch was really worth going to JAIL?

What is wrong with people?


Though no one was hurt in the incident, many parents said they did not want to finish out the school year after that and who could blame them? Insanely, this is not the first time something like this has happened.

Drama is great for things that are supposed to be dramatic, say a rival soccer game or a Marilyn Manson concert. But kid's birthday parties, graduations, baby showers, and weddings ought to be sacrosanct. Have some decorum, people. I wonder how those poor kids will turn out after having to witness something like this.

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