Zumba Madam Feels 'Free' Despite 10 Month Jail Sentence

alexis wrightSo how do we all feel about prostitution? Not so good, right? It's kind of a victimless crime though. Unless you look at the wife and the family that gets destroyed by the husband who goes out and gets a hooker. And if that hooker happened to be a really hot Zumba instructor like Alexis Wright instead of a neon wearing ripped pantyhose having hooker from the Point, Houston we have an even bigger problem.

You remember Wright. The hard body fitness instructor who had over 150 clients in Maine. She was a single mom. She also videotaped her clients without their knowledge. She banked over $150,000. Some of those "Johns" were outed. Some feel they deserved it. Wright's whole sordid world came crashing down last year and she just got her jail sentence of 10 months. She says she's happy. She finally feels free. Now shackled her up!


After her sentencing and with tears in her eyes, Alexis said:

In my eyes I'm free. I'm free from this. I have an incredible amount of strength that I knew was in me somewhere. Now that I have the strength I want to encourage others to come forward. I want them to know that there's at least one person out there who'll believe their story, no matter how crazy it seems.

And a crazy story it is. Prostitution. Videotapes. Meticulous record keeping. Conspiring with insurance company. Private eye operative. Manipulation. A history of domestic violence, sex abuse, and a former job of stripping. Bad, bad stuff. I can't help but wonder if she hadn't gotten caught, would she still be doing all this bad, bad stuff?

People make mistakes that's for sure. Wright made some really huge ones. But she's only 30 -- her husband, Jayson Trowbridge, who she married last year says she's a great mom. She didn't kill anyone. She had sex with a lot of dudes ... who wanted to have sex with her. They paid her. She got a plea deal and charged with 20 counts of prostitution, conspiracy, tax evasion, and theft by deception. She's serving her 10 months at a county jail. The videotaping is a little creepy.

And once she's out, she says she's going to help people like her:

When I'm out, I'm going to pursue helping people fight through situations that are similar to mine. I'm optimistic that something good will come out of this.

I'm hoping she's right. I wonder how many of her Johns got second chances.

Do you think the sentence fits the crime?


Image via Heavy/YouTube

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