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Man’s Crazy-Eyed Mugshot Ranks Among These Funniest Mugshots Ever (PHOTOS)

Crime Lindsay Mannering May 30, 2013

rodney woldA man in Kentucky has been accused of pulling an AK-47 on his neighbors after they got in a disagreement about the best way to hunt rabbits. While the story is funny enough, it's Rodney Wold's mugshot that really takes the absurdity to a new level. It's a conversation and an arrest that would surely make Elmer Fudd vehwee, vehwee, pwoud.

Think Wold's the only one with a wacky mugshot? Oh no, there's plenty where that came from.

Photo via Louisville Metro PD

Barrow County Detention Center

1Tonya Ann Fowler

Georgia woman Tonya Ann Fowler didn't think she looked her best in her mugshot and did what's only natural -- she picked up the phone and called 911 to complain about the displeasing photo ... which ultimately resulted in a new mugshot. Genius!

County Courthouse

2Amy McIntosh

Amy was charged with leaving her 11-month-old child alone while she ran to the liquor store, but it's Ms. McIntosh's use of the mysterious rubber glove that puts her in this esteemed roundup.

Farmington Police

3Rita Daniels

Rita, 71, was charged with indecent exposure when she was caught having sex in her car with her 54-year-old boy toy.

Pasco's Sherriff Department

4Alan Dale Lee

Forty-five-year-old Lee was nicknamed Dracula by the cops. Hmm, could it have something to do with his teeth, perhaps?

Shasta County Sheriff Department

5Patrick Brooks

Brooks can run from the cops, but with a facial tattoo like that, he definitely can't hide.


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