Woman Killed in Costco While Shoppers Watch

shooting while shopping at costcoAre you one of those people who complains that nothing exciting ever happens to them? Something tells me the people who went shopping for their bulk vitamins and mega-packs of toothpaste at a Virginia store this week will NEVER complain about that again. The shoppers became de facto witnesses to a woman being killed at Costco by cops.

Mhai Scott was the sample lady. You know, those people who set up a little station at the end of the aisle and lure your kids in with the promise of a chunk of cheese on tiny toothpicks?


According to media reports, Scott was serving up pizza when she started "acting erratically," saying "crazy things" about the servings available, before grabbing a knife from another station. Cops were called in, and tried to tase her. When it didn't work, they pulled their guns and ... well, you know the rest.

This all happened while people were IN the store! Some reported hearing four gunshots, others five, while they stood there (some ran out of their own volition but it doesn't seem like they were herded out by anyone).

It's a sad story. And a scary one for the people who just thought Wednesday afternoon was a good time to stock up on giant amounts of toilet paper.

When you go shopping, the worst you expect is some toddler who didn't get a nap having a colossal meltdown in the toy aisle. You don't expect to see the lady who just served you a bite-size portion of something shot in the middle of the store.

I've never seen anything quite that crazy. Not even Black Friday shopping!

It's hard to say whether the deputies were right or wrong here. It was a store full of families, but I wasn't there; I don't know why they pulled their guns, and why they decided that lethal force was the way to go. Does it sound strange? Sure, but so far the Loudon County Sheriff's Department is saying this was a clean operation.

Still, it's a bit ... unnerving? If it was that bad, if cops had to do something this aggressive, then clearly lives were in serious danger here. At a COSTCO! NEAR THE SAMPLES!

It doesn't get more "safe" sounding than that, does it? Most of us let our kids traipse on over there to get a little cup of something so they'll just be quiet and let us finish shopping (well, except my husband -- he forbids our daughter from taking samples, and suddenly I'm thinking he might be right ... what was in that pizza?).

I guess it's just another sad story that goes to show we're never as safe as we hope to be.

What's the scariest thing you've ever seen while out shopping?


Image via r. nial bradshaw/Flickr

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