Wannabe Hero Allegedly Staged Kidnapping of 15-Year-Old Girl That Resulted in Her Death

Kyle DubeKyle Dube wanted to be a hero. Instead of becoming a fireman or embarking on any other noble path, however, the 20-year-old allegedly decided to stage the kidnapping of 15-year-old Nichole Cable, whom he would then "rescue" and be lauded the world over for his heroics.

Things didn't go as planned, however. According to the Associated Press, Dube used a fake Facebook account to get Cable out of her house in Maine. He waited nearby, wearing a ski mask, and when he saw her, he "snatched her, duct-taped her, and put her in the back of his father's pickup truck." What he planned to do next exactly is unknown, but what happened was tragic.


When he went to get her out of the truck, he says he found her dead. So he reportedly dumped her body, which was found a week after she went missing. The cause of her death hasn't yet been determined, but today Dube was indicted on murder and kidnapping charges.

Friends and family have filled in the story, saying Dube wanted to have sex with Nichole, but she rejected him. So he set up a Facebook account in the name of Bryan Butterfied, who was one of Nicole's friends. She apparently thought it was him who she was going out to meet the night she disappeared when it was really Dube.

He may not have meant to kill her, but that doesn't lessen the severity of this crime if he did in fact do what he's accused of. To actually kidnap someone and cause them and their family so much fear and worry all for one's own self importance is beyond reprehensible.

You also have to wonder if he really didn't mean to harm her. If perhaps he deliberately killed her and is now just trying to explain away his actions in hope of a lesser sentence? I certainly wouldn't be surprised if that's the case.

What do you think of this case?


Image via Penobscot County Jail

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