Stunning Paralegal Found Dead in Boss' Bathtub Is 'Law & Order' Come to Life

Julia Law
Julia Law
It's a story that seems like an episode of Law & Order. A stunning 26-year-old paralegal named Julia Law was found dead in the bathtub of Charles Peruto, her 58-year-old boss/boyfriend. Peruto is a prominent attorney in Philadelphia known for his local mob clients, and apparently he was in New Jersey on business when Law died in his home. According to police, no drugs or signs of trauma were found at the scene, and an autopsy found water in Law's lungs. A maintenance man discoverd the beautiful young girl naked in the tub on Saturday morning, and Peruto is "heartbroken" over the whole thing.

Also, according to police, Peruto is not a suspect.


Evidently, Peruto was questioned and the cops have ruled him out as a person of interest. But as you can imagine, since this is such a sensational and "sexy" story, the comment boards are a blaze right now with hypotheses about how Peruto was involved. Now, if this were Law & Order, Peruto most likely would be involved in some capacity, but since it's not, we just have to take the cops' word. And we also have to reflect on the fact that a young girl died alone (or not alone?) a few days before her 27th birthday.

From Peruto's description of Law, she sounded like a beautiful person. In a statement released, he said: "Julia was a beautiful, caring free spirit hippy, who I was blessed to have known. Words can’t express how sad I am to finally have met someone who I believed truly loved me. You should all have someone touch your life, like she did mine. Pray for her. She was an angel."

Only time will tell what happened to this poor woman who passed away in what sounds like a horrifying way. But until then, I think it's safe to say there are going to be lots of theories out there -- theories that involve Peruto.

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