Horrifying Murder of Baby Now Linked to a Stolen Video Game System

Jonylah WatkinsAfter a weekend of murders that included the death of a child, cops in Chicago have announced an arrest in the death of yet another one: Jonylah Watkins, the 6-month-old baby shot back in March while her dad changed her diaper. It seems an innocent child lost her life over a stolen video game system.

Some days I wish I could just call it quits with humanity and say, "That's it, we're through. I'm dumping you." Today is one of those days.


Really? I get that criminals don't have the same logic as you and me, but a video game system? That's equal to the life of a BABY?

Only in criminal land, which is where, it turns out, little Jonylah's dad was dabbling.

Cops say Jonathan Watkins, who was hospitalized in the shooting that killed his little girl, stole the game system from their 33-year-old murder suspect, Koman Willis. When the well-known gang member with a rap sheet 38 arrests long found out, he allegedly took a gun and shot at the Watkins family, hitting little Jonylah a total of five times.

The baby's death may all rest on Willis' shoulders, but there's no denying that her dad played a role in this here. Not legally, perhaps, but as parents we have to recognize that what we do day-to-day affects our kids.

Being a criminal means involving not only yourself but your kids in crime. Now add in the aforementioned lack of logical thinking by your average criminal, and tragedies like the one that befell the Watkins family are -- sadly -- more likely to happen than they are to folks who keep their noses clean.

Jonathan Watkins didn't have to pull the trigger. He put his daughter's life in danger.

And now, sadly, he's paying for it. Physically. Emotionally. The arrest of someone else for murdering his child won't stop that.

But the story should serve as a warning to every parent out there who thinks what they do on their own time won't hurt their kids.

Do you believe the dad has some culpability here?


Image via police

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