Dad Arrested for Putting Baby in Freezer to Get Her to Stop Crying

refrigeratorIf you don't feel like being infuriated, I urge you to stop reading. Recently, a dad allegedly put his 6-week-old baby in the freezer -- for an hour -- so the baby would stop crying. Actually, let me rewrite that sentence: A person allegedly put a 6-week-old baby in the freezer -- that man isn't a father.

We've sadly all read some pretty horrific news stories involving small children in our day, but this takes things to a new level. I mean, seriously, who the hell is physically capable of doing something so heinous to such a tiny, innocent, helpless being? Only a truly sick person. Thank god this man was arrested. And thank god the baby's mother walked in when she did. But mostly, thank god this sweet baby is okay.


According to reports, the baby's 22-year-old mother walked in just as her boyfriend, Tyler James Deutsch, was taking the infant out of the freezer. She immediately called the police, and Deutsch was arrested for attempted murder. He claims he put the baby in the freezer to try to get her to stop crying, and that the child was only in there for a half hour. But other reports claim the baby was in the freezer for an hour. When taken to the hospital, the infant's temperature was reportedly 84 degrees. Again, she's expected to recover.

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If this story proves to be true, Deutsch obviously is unfit a father as they come, and he needs to pay big time. If he did place the 6-week-old in a freezer -- even if it was for a minute -- he was trying to hurt the child. Even if you know nothing about babies whatsoever, you know placing them in a freezer and shutting the door is as wrong as it gets. No, leaving your infant home alone isn't a good idea at all, but Jesus, this man should've gone outside or something before resorting to this. This goes beyond needing a minute to yourself to collect your thoughts. This is exactly what he was charged for: Attempted murder. 

If you can't handle a child, just don't have one. It really is as simple as that.

What do you think of this?

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